What happens to all the energy you exert at the gym?  [read more]


People exert tremendous amounts of energy everyday at the gym but none of it is captured and utilized. There’s a solution though...

Introducing Unetic: a self-sustaining botanical fitness ecosystem. Unetic runs off kinetic energy generated by its daily users and captured solar power. It doesn’t matter if you’re swimming, cycling, practicing yoga, or weightlifting. Instruments and equipment installed throughout the facility are designed to capture all that energy and feed it back into the grid.

And with air pollution being the 2nd leading cause of death in metropolis cities like LA, Unetic helps clean the atmosphere (inside and out) by populating its interiors with plant species proven to successfully filter air pollutants — significantly reducing occurrences of respiratory problems. Greenscapes throughout Unetic not only provide a nourishing output of clean air but also gives its members a serene escape from the usual claustrophobic and fluorescent lit indoor gyms. Unetic brings the outdoors in.

We’re barely scratching the surface. If you’d like to learn more about how Unetic plans to make its impact on children & adult food education, green energy, agriculture, and much more—ask away!

Concept, Illustration, Photography, Graphics, & Layout — Edmund Liang

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