What if we can see smell?  [read more]

Inspired by the extraordinary work of Sissel Tolaas, Smell-Blind is an interactive olfaction experience designed to challenge the idea of seeing with your nose.

Using projection mapping, I modified a Processing code that covered a room with thousands of vibrating light particles. This particle field represented all the invisible smell molecules in the space. With a Kinect sensor to track users’ positions, I hid “easter eggs" throughout the particle field that only appeared when users stumbled upon "hotspots". When users encountered a hotspot, trigger events occurred (a ring of light saying "sniff here”), inviting users to smell the specific part of the room.

As users waded through the particles, they also encountered quotes from Sissel that, of course, behaved like smells. They attached to users when users come across them. And when users continued walking and surpass a speed threshold, the quote detached and remained where it dropped off until someone else found it. This interaction reminded users how smells are volumetric and linger. See footage below!

Concept, Design, 3D Modeling & Video Editing — Edmund Liang
Custom Typeface (Ester Sans) — Edmund Liang
Mentors — Miles Mazzie & Ivan Cruz
Music — Try To Touch by Pablo Bolivar
Brochure Photography — Google Searches
Brochure Copy — Mono.kultur Magazine

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