Loveliness Island

By living together, could people that hate each other ever learn to love each other?  [read more]

You are the island's newest abortion. With your charming (or not) personality, could you help a racist, homophobe, religious, sexist, or secular child become friends?

On Loveliness Island, each inhabitant was aborted and represents their particular upbringing. These aborted children are unique fusions of their parent’s genetics and beliefs. But with limited space on the island, how could they all coexist peacefully? Could you be the one to help them understand one another and befriend everyone they hate?

Is it possible to bridge such powerful views of the world — could the secular and religious ever understand each other?

Let's play and see.

Concept & Artwork — Edmund Liang
Animation & 3D — Edmund Liang
Music — Kazumi Totaka, Robin Beanland, Eveline Fischer & David Wise

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