Story of a teenager struggling with schrizophrenia; turning him against his mother.  [read more]

Alexxander's mother, Sam Miller, first noticed her son's disorganized and catatonic speech when he was just a child.

He told her that there were voices (auditory hallucinations) telling him to do things against his will. He knows that if he doesn't obey, these voices will harm him or someone else.

As a proposal for a passive VR experience, we are immersed in Alexxander's dream — following him as the good voice, "The Other Alexxander". Our interactions with Alexxander and the environment will progress the narrative and ultimately reveal what happened between him and his mother.

Below, a snippet of this 60+ piece series. More to come!

Concept, Illustration, Photography, Design — Edmund Liang
Mentors — Richard Keyes

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